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"And now after some thinkin' I'd say I'd rather be—a functioning cog in some great machinery serving somethin’ beyond me. But I don’t know what that will be. I’ll get back to you some day, some day soon you will see.” - Helpless Blues, Fleet Foxes

Tales of Urban Living is about negotiating your way through the treacherous waters of work, relationships, and life. Basically, it’s an unscripted story about life, art, music, and travel. The catch is the story isn’t yet written—and we’re going to write it together. Through Twitter and Facebook, I’ll post questions and ask you for suggestions as to where I should travel, what I should do, or even if you have friends or acquaintances I should meet somewhere in the world. Along the way, my goal is to seek out and bring light to artists, musicians, thinkers, creators, and philanthropists who are creating real change in the world. Perhaps you know one of these people I should meet. 

Tales of Urban Living

I started Tales of Urban Living a couple years back as a creative excercise. At the time I was calling it a “blo-vel”, a blog that is an unfolding story which is happening in real time. Another term I used for it was “sensationalized non-fiction”. I knows it's a fine line. I ditched that idea, so essentially what it has evolved into is a creative exercise in voice and content—in writing, photography, podcasting, and moving making—and an experiment in surrender, travel, and freedom.

About Me 

I'm a writer living out my days in the Northwest corner of the United States in a little town called Seattle. While quietly yearning for a life of travel and self-expression, by day I'm a marketing and advertising grunt, churning out copy for Fortune 500 companies. By night—in bars, restaurants, record shops, music venues, and coffee houses—I don my cape and notebook and seek out writers, musicians, and other artists in search of ideas and inspiration. 

I could be your neighbor, perhaps you work with me, perhaps I ride the bus with you, or perhaps I'm the gent in the corner of the coffee shop furiously pounding away on the keys of my laptop. Everyone has a story and a voice—and this is mine.