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Your Dilemma

When you're a writer, you're always at work, even on vacation.Traditional print advertising is falling by the wayside and you’re seeking new ways to not only extend your reach online, but to be associated with something cool, new, hip, viral, and creative.

My Mission

To create engaging content that will engage, inspire, entertain, and connect my audience to ideas that are grounded in a broader understanding of ourselves, our neighbors, and our connection to the greater world around us.

Viral Content

On the most obvious level, Tales of Urban Living is about following the adventures of a writer and traveler who has no plan and who has never stepped foot on Asian soil. On another level, it’s an inexpensive, inconspicuous, viral marketing campaign for your brand, technology, or product. The power of the intersection of your product/brand and my project is that instead of delivering a manufactured, glossy, or interactive advertisement that has been created from a messaging document, I can offer an honest-to-goodness road test. The story is not about what your product can do, but what it does

Our Partnership

Tales of Urban Living offers you a turnkey solution to extend your online reach to your audience. Possible brand tie-ins could include lifestyle and apparel, energy bars and drinks, travel and adventure, or consumer electronics and technology. I’m also offering you the opportunity to be part of a new category in travel: creative-connected travel – turning the experience and adventure of travel into a real time story. Benefits include: 

  • Brand exposure in an authentic way = drives connection
  • Compelling use of products and/or sponsorship = drives demand
  • Community of people = creates loyalty and engagement   
  • Platform for ongoing conection = creates opportunities for promotions, new products, etc.   

The 10,000 foot view

Tales of Urban Living combines elements of Where the Hell is…Matt?, the story telling nature of This American Life, and the travel and adventure of Elizabeth Gilbert’s international best selling book Eat, Pray, Love – with the exciting twist that the adventure is happening in real time. Not only do readers follow the adventures while learning about the culture, customs, foods, and serendipitous events of travel, they also get to inform the adventure through Twitter and Facebook. It is a reality show meets a Choose Your Own Adventure book.

What I Am Doing

As the writer and creator of Tales of Urban Living, I will create content in multiple medias, including interviews and profiles of extraordinary people who are making a difference in the world, and mini-films about the region, cultures, and indigenous people. My challenge is that I have content on my work computer, home computer, pictures on my iTouch, a digital camera, far too many books, and music spread across three of these devices.You can think you can solve any of these problems?