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Dearest Tim,                                                                                                      October 23, 1996

I’m sitting in the car in Mountainville waiting for your father. He’s at the municipal Building. We are supposed to be able to get a small amount back on local taxes if a member of the family was in the Armed Forces. We’ll see.

The day is gray (waiting for rain) but the leaves are beautiful. A lot of the leaves came down with the storm but hopefully the color will still be here at Halloween. We’re going over to Noel’s to pick up our mail and then on to Anne’s for lunch. We’re having leftovers from the “pig party,” then on to Uncle Charles’s for dinner. We’re doing great – two meals we don’t have to cook. By the way, I am cooking more these days and I do eat three meals a day. I wouldn’t say I’m getting fat but I’m trying.

As I mentioned to you last evening on the phone, I really am impressed with your autobiography, which you had to write in your Autobiography/Biography class. It explains a lot about you and your ways.  The fact that you have kept a journal all these years is amazing. You have to have a love of writing to be so dedicated. If I may give you some unwarranted advice, don’t be in a rush for the future. It comes all too soon and takes care of itself. You’ll see.

I mentioned that we went to mass yesterday at a Franciscan Church. They are usually good preachers. The priest was talking about depression and how people get overwhelmed with sorrow, etc. He wanted to reiterate that God never promised everything would go smoothly, that we would have no pain, etc., but He did promise He would always be there for us. I really and truly believe that, but sometimes I too get overwhelmed and forget it for a time. You have a friend in God so try not to forget it. He gets you through the toughest times.

By the way, we said a Rosary on the way up the Parkway in the hopes your test went well.

Much love and prayers always, 


Mountainville, New Jersey

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